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Apple Explains How to Identify Social Engineering Attacks

Apple has updated a support document with helpful advice about how to identify and report social engineering attacks such as phishing messages, phony support calls, and more. Share it widely!

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The Real System Requirements for Apple’s 2024 Operating Systems

Apple’s upcoming operating systems have good historical hardware support, but devils dance in the details. Two MacBook Airs, three iPads, and three Apple Watches fall by the wayside this year. Older devices that are generally compatible won’t be able to take advantage of all the new features. Read on to find out what your devices will support.

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Adam Engst Joining CCATP Podcast Regularly

If you like TidBITS and Apple tech podcasts, take note: Adam Engst is now a regular contributor to Allison Sheridan’s Chit Chat Across the Pond podcast. For the inaugural episode, they talk about how to avoid missing calendar and reminder notifications and a slew of related topics.

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TUAW Joins iLounge as an AI-Powered Zombie Site 

The Unofficial Apple Weblog, an early player in the Apple blogosphere that has been defunct for a decade, has been revived as an AI-powered site that rewrites content from other sites. iLounge suffered the same fate. Avoid both sites from now on.

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Fast Company’s View of the Internet in 1994, Expanded by “Internet Explorer’s Kit for Macintosh”

Curious about what the Internet was like 30 years ago, in 1994? Fast Company has published an article looking at 15 websites from that year, but for a much more comprehensive (and amusing) view, check out the “Internet Explorer’s Kit for Macintosh” book by Adam Engst and Bill Dickson, now available online.

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Why AI Web Scraping (Mostly) Doesn’t Bother Me

Despite the seemingly universal outrage about tech companies scraping the open Web to train their models, Adam Engst finds himself largely unperturbed. 

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Just Due It: Persistent Notifications for Tasks

In his continuing search for apps that don’t let you forget something because you missed a single notification, Adam Engst looks at Due, which provides persistent notifications for reminders on all your Apple devices.

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Hackers Claim to Have Stolen Phone Numbers of 33 Million Authy Users

If you published a two-factor authentication app, wouldn’t you require authenticated requests to all endpoints?

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Exploring Generative AI on the Command Control Power Podcast

In this wide-ranging podcast conversation, Adam Engst and hosts Joe Saponare and Jerry Zigmont explore some of the deeper questions surrounding generative AI.

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Apple Publishes “Longevity, by Design” White Paper

Although much of the white paper addresses issues surrounding repairability, Apple points out that the larger goal of longevity requires a more all-encompassing approach.

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Fixing Slack for iPhone’s “Only Some People Can Post” Error

If Slack on the iPhone displays “Only some people can post.” in channels where you should have posting permissions, force-quit it to fix the problem.

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How Apple Intelligence Sets a New Bar for AI Security, Privacy, and Safety

Apple Intelligence, backed by the company’s Private Cloud Compute service, takes a new approach to generative AI which prioritizes user security, privacy, and safety. Cloud computing expert and TidBITS security editor Rich Mogull explains how this works, starting with the chips in our iPhones.

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In Your Face Provides Persistent Notifications for Events and Tasks

Tired of being late to meetings because you were focused on a task and missed a subtle notification in the corner of the screen? The In Your Face app takes over the entire Mac screen for its alerts, ensuring you never miss an event again.

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Apple Says It Won’t Ship Apple Intelligence for EU Users in 2024

Apple has said the Digital Markets Act’s interoperability requirements will prevent it from shipping Apple Intelligence, iPhone Mirroring, and SharePlay Screen Sharing for EU users in 2024. 

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Experiencing Art Immersion with the Vision Pro

Using the Art Authority Museum app for the Vision Pro, you can virtually wander among many masterpieces of Western art. Michael Cohen reports on his explorations.